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Anchor point kit

Anchor point kit

Ceiling installation kit for silks/hoop/hammock/circus pole or other equipment suitable for aerial acrobatics and aerial dance.


The anchor point is among the first certified for suspending people: the resistance of the hook has been tested and found to be a safe attachment point for people doing physical activity or working at heights.


The set contains:

aluminum anchoring element

2x M12/25/45 segment anchors in galvanized steel

Installation instructions

You will need (not included in the kit):

- drill and drill

- necessary tools (wrenches)


Technical parameters:

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Resistance: 12 kN in each direction

Installation: Concrete or steel installation

Safety: the set is certified and complies with the EN 795:2012 type A resistance standard



The set can be installed in concrete or steel. The concrete support must be homogeneous and compact. In the case of steel, the latter must have a thickness of min. 3 mm


How to assemble the kit:

Always consult an experienced professional to determine whether the ceiling or beam to which you intend to attach the anchor point is durable.


We drill 2 holes in the ceiling 10 cm apart from each other

We could make a mistake